BUNNAHABHAIN 2005 2015 70cl 46% Malts of Scotland - Bourbon Hogshead #15034

Product code: WB0994I

Bunnahabhain 2005-2015, 46% alc.
Bottler: Malts of Scotland
Removal: Bourbon Hogshead No. 15034
Region: Islay, Scotland

Nose: young and phenolic smoky, some of the sea. Pebble beach, algae and spray, also sea salt. It hides a really nice sweetness, pastries, caramel and vanilla cream. There are also slightly bitter grapefruit. 

Palate: first spreads the sweetness, vanilla sugar and caramel flow into all corners of the mouth. With the dryness coming peat smoke and spices, some pepper, paprika and quite a touch of ginger (minimal). 

Departure: rather short, but comes back warming. Some smoke and a little sweetness.


> VINTAGE: 2005

> BOTTLED: 2015

> CL: 70cl

> %ALC: 46%

> BOTTLER: Malts of Scotland -

> EXTRA INFO: Bourbon Hogshead #15034

> N. OF BOTTLES: 278

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