DALLAS DHU 31yo 1968 2000 50% Douglas Laing - OMC - 253 Bottles

Product code: WD0100E

Nose: Sweet and full, with lovely toasted notes of burned sugar, honey and vanilla toffee. Just a hint of spice makes this dram smell like a x-mas pudding.
Taste: Slow to start, but lovely once it's up and running. The toasted sweetness is less intense than on the nose, but just as lovely.
Finish: Slight bitter notes mar an otherwise pretty picture, but the toffee and sweetness soon overcomes that.


> AGE: 31yo

> VINTAGE: 1968

> BOTTLED: 2000

> %ALC: 50%

> BOTTLER: Douglas Laing -

> EXTRA INFO: OMC - 253 Bottles

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