IMAGES OF DUFFTOWN 1988 2013 70cl 53.2% Malt of Scotland - Clock Tower

Product code: WD0185I

Nose: the nose is a little fruit bomb with pineapple, peach, mango and even a touch of kiwi. A bit smoky from the wood, albeit very soft. Some woodspice with mostly cinnamon. Nice vanilla, too. Fudge, even, that makes it a tad creamy. Very pleasant.

Taste: the attack is very spicy and honeysweet, but quickly a huge dollop of citrus kicks in, giving it a sourish edge. Again the smokiness from the oak is there, much louder than on the nose. But the palate has lost the somewhat tropical character of the nose. Diluted it becomes a tad sharp, which is not an improvement.

Finish: in the long, peppery finish, it is all citrus that rings my bell.


> VINTAGE: 1988

> BOTTLED: 2013

> CL: 70cl

> %ALC: 53.2%

> BOTTLER: Malt of Scotland -

> EXTRA INFO: Clock Tower

> N. OF BOTTLES: 254


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