KNOCKANDO 1980 2004 70cl 47% Duncan Taylor - Peerless

Product code: WK0030

Colour: pale straw. Nose: quite fresh, extremely herbal and buttery. Lots of grainy notes, beer, cider, dry white wine again but in a much nicer way. Develops on sour apples, breadcrumb, mashed potatoes, and then on lots of herbs: dill, parsley, cooked salsify (picture). Curious whiffs of sea air, oysters… Getting then sourer and sourer. Very dry (notes of dry sherry), no pure pleasure but very interesting.
Mouth: bold and very spirity, grainy, nutty and herbal again. A little salty but also quite bitter and, again, extremely dry. Lots of tea, anis liquor (ouzo), herb liquors (Chartreuse), pear spirit. Some bold rubbery notes, at that, burnt milk…


> VINTAGE: 1980

> BOTTLED: 2004

> CL: 70cl

> %ALC: 47%

> BOTTLER: Duncan Taylor -

> EXTRA INFO: Peerless

> CASK: #1913

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