TAKETSURU 25yo 70cl 43% Nikka Pure Malt

Product code: WY0155I

The nose is tropical. All kinds of fruit from sunny regions, mostly mango and passion fruit. Quite some orange marmalade, pipe tobacco and the scent of a mouldy wine cellar with fungus on the walls. After a few moments I also get some hearty broth. A touch of woodsmoke and some peat in the background.

Soft upon arrival, but quite spicy. Cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper precede a basket of tropical fruit. Those of the nose are joined by overripe plums and mildly bitter oranges. A dry touch from chamomile.

The finish is actually fairly short, but with a fresh minty side before the sweet fruit.


> AGE: 25yo

> CL: 70cl

> %ALC: 43%

> BOTTLER: Nikka

> EXTRA INFO: Pure Malt

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