Product code WY0156I

TAKETUSURU 21yo 70cl 43% Nikka

Round nose on tropical fruit (pineapple, mango, passion fruit, oranges), joined by some pipe tobacco and some chocolate with praline filling. Quite some nuts. Creamy and sweet. A drop of balsamic, a drop of broth and a trace of woodsmoke and a dusty element that i cannot quite pinpoint. Delicious.

On the palate the malt develops to becomes nicely sweet and fruity on the one hand, but also immediately spicy on the other. Tropical fruit is now supported by some plums and grapefruit, walnuts and fresh figs, while black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom offer up a spicy prickle. Some lapsang souchong tea. The trace of smoke becomes pretty big.

And just when you think this blended malt has given all it has to give, a good fresh note of menthol appears in the medium long finish.


AGE 21yo

CL 70cl

%ALC 43%


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