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Caribbean rum Jamaica-Martinica -Guyana 49 years Old 1940 1999 70cl 40% Moon Import Only 180 bts

Enmore 1990 Moon Import.

A single barrel Pot still rum from Enmore, distilled in 1990 and bottled in 2016 after maturing in single sherry barrel number 29.

Enmore closed its doors in 1995 and the original wooden stills that gave this rum it's unique character removed. 

Bottles from this distillery are becoming increasingly sought after and hard to find. 

Selected by Pepi Mongiardino.

BRAND / DISTILLERY Caribbean rum Jamaica-Martinica -Guyana

AGE 49 years Old



CL 70cl

%ALC 40%

BOTTLER Moon Import

EXTRA INFO Only 180 bts

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