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CASTELL'IN VILLA Chianti Classico 2018 75cl 14%

The Tuscan red Chianti Classico is a product that embodies one of the most appreciated and well-known types of Italian wine throughout the world. Pure Sangiovese is expressed with a delicate balsamic bouquet, capable of evolving positively in the coming years, should you decide to let it refine further in the cellar. A label that is very pleasant to drink, without ever being tiring, thanks to the excellent work done by the Castell'in Villa winery.

The Chianti Classico signed by the Castell'in Villa winery comes from the grapes of a vine that, in Tuscany, always produces excellent quality wines, Sangiovese. The bunches are carefully selected during the harvest period, so as to guarantee only the best of the terroir of origin. The must obtained from pressing the grapes ferments spontaneously, thanks to the presence of only indigenous yeasts, in stainless steel containers. We then continue with the refinement phase, in which the wine remains to rest first for 12 months in oak barrels, and then, after bottling, for another 18 months directly in glass. At the end of this period, the bottling procedures begin.

This Chianti Classico made by the Castell'in Villa winery presents itself to the eye with an intense color, which recalls the shade of ruby ​​red. The nose is initially pervaded by balsamic notes, which then turn towards a set of more floral sensations on the finish. When tasted it is full-bodied, refined and elegant, with a sip that moves on an interesting savory progression, which offers a satisfying drink. A Tuscan red perfect to be paired with red meat second courses, and why not, perhaps remaining within regional borders, with a succulent Florentine steak.



CL 75cl

%ALC 14%


REGION Tuscany

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