Codice prodotto WG1006

GLEN GARIOCH 15yo Bot.circa 2000 100cl 43% OB

Nose: 1980`s lavender smell that Geerie is know for, nothing to do with lavender by the way. The sherry is also on the strong side, this is very perfumy mixed with barley sugars, fruit jams and fruit gum sweets.

Taste: lovely mouthfeel, some spices and fruit with peat and then it gets a little dry. Nice integration of peat & sherry mixed with dark coloured fruit gums, some woody notes creep in but it all adds to the profile. There is also a slight mallow note.

Finish: medium long. Salt, pepper, caramel. Interesting after taste on dry tobacco.


AGE 15yo

BOTTLED Bot.circa 2000

CL 100cl

%ALC 43%


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