Codice prodotto WG0993

GLEN MORAY Bot.90's 75cl 43% OB

The colour is pale straw and the texture shows small tears with rather slow legs and a fat sticky ring at the top of the glass - yes, back in the seventies they produced a good oiliness, usually.

The nose is very fresh and lovely fruity on both citric (lemon, oranges) as well as home-grown fruits (apples, pears). 

Taste: the initial mouthfeel is warming and more coating than most of the modern drams, that is really good actually. The taste itself is rather simple on barley sugars, fruits and some spicy wooden flavours.

Finish: it is quite long and chewable with even more adorable fruity flavours and some nutty aromas, delicious.


BOTTLED Bot.90's

CL 75cl

%ALC 43%


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