Codice prodotto WM0404e

MACALLAN over 15 years Old 1959 26 2/3 Fl. Ozs 80°proof OB- no box

Oldest and clear Sherry casks, old and universal blood orange juice, cherry jam with a splash of old rum, warm plums filled with a sugar cube (dumpling), old and ripe and rich throughout, lemon milk ice cream, raisins, highly complex, scouring powder, brandy beans, dark chocolate dripping on a dirty workshop floor, needle extracts, wood barks, forest cottage, resin, leather shoe with leather sole, strong concentrated washing-up liquid with spices, liquorice drops, some brine as well, dark quince jelly with vanilla bean ...
resin, fiery, needle extracts mixed with the most noble Sherry, best Sherry casks, old old citrus and and and ....
Best old Sherry cask with marmalade, resin and caramel at the same time - interwoven with tart citrus and scouring milk, again pine needle extract.


AGE over 15 years Old


CL 26 2/3 Fl. Ozs

%ALC 80°proof

BOTTLER OB- no box

Non disponibile