Codice prodotto CV2001

SPRINGBANK 1985 1996 70cl 50% Moon Import- Dovr Toutes Mares Sherry Cask

Color: Old Gold - Amber
Nose: Absolutely peaty citrus fruits and wild, dark berries with smoky phenols, shoe leather and excellent tobacco aromas. Syrup-like sherry and balsamico in creamy vanilla. The citrus and orange fruit flavors have a very invigorating nose. Old cedar wood, soaked in the finest, smoky tobacco flavors.
Taste:  Explosive to the touch based on dried peat bales, sherry deluxe, fruity berries, cigars and the finest cedar wood. A honey-balsamic sweetness with malty flavors is added, as well as notes of shoe polish, mint, eucalyptus, hazelnuts and ingeniously bound wood (the wood runs parallel with the spicy sweetness).
Finish: Ultralong ... Wood-malt-peat-smoke-tobacco-phenol-sherry-cocoa-wood-malt-peat-smoke-sherry ...




CL 70cl

%ALC 50%

BOTTLER Moon Import- Dovr Toutes Mares

EXTRA INFO Sherry Cask

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