CLYNELISH 1996 2008 70cl 46% Wilson & Morgan - Marsala finish

Product code: WC0240

Colour: gold. Nose: Clynelish’s typical fruity waxiness is well here but the wine has a lot to say as well, with at first whiffs of bubblegum and strawberries, and then a combination that makes this one smell like gingered marmalade. Hints of scented soap  Fanta. Develops more on toasted brioche and plain malt. Mouth: easy and very sweet. Tastes exactly like a mix of walnut and strawberry liqueurs.  Finish: long with these over-sweet notes of strawberry drops and even cranberry. 


> VINTAGE: 1996

> BOTTLED: 2008

> CL: 70cl

> %ALC: 46%

> BOTTLER: Wilson & Morgan -

> EXTRA INFO: Marsala finish


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