Distillery Opened Capacity Malting Floor Washback Type Number of Washbacks Number of Wash Stills Number of Spirit Stills
1898 / Dismissed in 1968 / 6 1 1

Dallas Dhu means Black Water Valley in Gaelic, an appropriate nod to the densely wooded Speyside valley in which the Dallas Dhu distillery sits.

The Dallas Dhu distillery was originally founded in 1898, and was the last Scottish distillery to be built in the 19th century.

The Dallas Dhu distillery was originally named “Dallasmore” by its founder, Alexander Edward, a prominent Speyside distiller.

Ownership switched to Wright & Grieg Ltd, a blending company from Glasgow, which was in part owned by Alexander Edwards.

During the first half of the 20th century, the Dallas Dhu distillery changed hands another three times. Distilller’s Company Limited, having newly obtained Dallas Dhu distillery, closed the Dallas Dhu distillery in 1929 to work on the expansion of the site.

However, an enormous fire destroyed the still house and much of the equipment in 1936, and the subsequent outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 meant that it took until 1947 before the Dallas Dhu distillery recommenced operations.

Additionally, due to the isolated location of the Dallas Dhu distillery, Dallas Dhu operated without electricity until the 1950s. Until the introduction of electricity, the Dallas Dhu distillery got its power from an on-site water wheel.

DCL decided to close Dallas Dhu distillery in 1983.

Dallas Dhu distillery is well known as it has been turned into a popular tourist attraction, however it is also well appreciated by drinkers.

1898 Dallas Dhu distillery is built by Alexander Edward.
1899 The Dallas Dhu distillery is sold to Wright & Greig.
1919 The Dallas Dhu distillery is bought by J.P.O'Brien.
1921 Another change of hands sees Benmore Distilleries take control.
1929 Benmore is bought by DCL.
1931 Dallas Dhu distillery becomes a part of SMD.
1930 The Dallas Dhu distillery falls silent for six years.
1939 A distillery fire forces Dallas Dhu to close once again.
1947 Production restarts at the Dallas Dhu distillery.
1983 Dallas Dhu distillery is closed for the last time.
1986 The site of Dallas Dhu distillery is sold to Historic Scotland who run it as a distilling museum.

Dallas Dhu distillery is equipped with has one wash still at a capacity of 6,300 litres and one spirit still at a capacity of 5,600 litres. The wash still is pear-shaped, with a round, circular spherical lid, and a long neck that gradually becomes narrower. Additionally, the distillery also has six wash-backs.

In Dallas Dhu distillery there are two Rare Malts bottlings from Diageo, the latest in 1997. The latest from independents is a 1980 bottled in 2014 by Gordon & MacPhil.

Image source: Twitter