FLORIO TARGA 1840 Marsla Semisecco 1988 75cl 19%

Product code: VI0341E

Targa Riserva 1840 has an amber color with topaz reflections. The perfume is very intense as soon as the bottle is uncorked: dates, apricots and ripe plums. The flavor is full, warm, soft and velvety, with an elegant base of dried fruit, mardorle and hazelnuts. This Marsala wine has a sugar residue of 70g / l and is best served in a large tulip-shaped glass.

> BRAND / DISTILLERY: FLORIO TARGA 1840 Marsla Semisecco

> VINTAGE: 1988

> CL: 75cl

> %ALC: 19%


€ 45.00