Distillery Opened Capacity Malting Floor Washback Type Number of Washbacks Number of Wash Stills Number of Spirit Stills
1897 5 million litres / Larch/ Stainless Steel 10 3 3
The Glendullan distillery was founded in 1897 by Williams & sons and is the last of seven distillery built in Dufftown.

The Glendullan distillery is located in Dufftown and for the production of his whisky the Glendullan distillery uses the water which comes from Fiddich river.

In 1902 the Glendullan distillery was delivered to the Royal Court of Edward VII and the whisky of Glendullan distillery became his favorite whisky.

In 1972 there was more demand for production both from abroad and from the motherland. So another distillery was built between the Glendullan distillery and the worker’s houses.
The two distilleries had worked together for few year and in 1985 the oldest of two was closed.

The distance between the two distilleries was described as

“A short one when the weather’s good, and a long one when it isn’t.”
The Glendullan distillery buys the malt from Diego and for the whisky uses American and European Oak, which both give to the Glendullan distillery's whisky honeyed hints and a balancing dryness.
  • 1896  Williams & sons, a blending company with three stars and strahdon among its brands founded the Glendullan distillery
  • 1902  Glendullan distillery is delivered to royal court of Edward VII.
  • 1926  Distillers Company limited boughtGlendullan distillery
  • 1930  Glendullan distillery was transferred to Scottish Malt Distillers.
  • 1962  Major refurbishing and reconstruction were made in Glendullan distillery.
  • 1972  A brand new distillery was constructed next to the old one.
  • 1985  The oldest of the two distillery was mothballed
  • 1995  A 22 year old from 1972 was launched in rare malts series
  • 2005  A 26 year old from 1978 was launched in the Rare Malts series
  • 2007  Singleton of Glendullan was launched in usa
  • 2013  Singleton of Glendullan Liberty and Trinity were released for duty free.
  • 2014  A 38 year old was released.
  • 2015  Classic Double Matured and Master’s Art were released.
The Glendullan distillery is equipped with a 12 ton full later stainless steel mash tun, eight washbacks made of larch and two made of stainless steel.
The long fermentation promotes a green/grassy character of the whisky, as well as three pair of stills. Both of the stills have a pear-shape with spherical lids and narrows conical necks.

The range of Glendullan distillery consist of:
  • 12yo
  • 15yo
  • 18yo
  • Liberty
  • Trinitè
  • Classic
  • Double Matured
  • Master's Art
  • 38yo

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