INCHGOWER 1991 2015 51.8% Sansibar

Product code: WI0231I

Inchgower 1991/2015 (51.8%, Sansibar and S Spirits Shop, 132 bottles).

Colour: pale gold.

Nose it’s rather fresh, both grassy and citrusy, with touches of plasticine and citron. Fresh barley. More and more yeasty malt after that, sweet maize bread, a little clay, damp grass. I find this rather elegant, and quite complex. Perhaps some Wulong tea. With water: quite love these whiffs of camphor and eucalyptus.

Taste: (neat): creamy, quite spicy, starting with a little coconut, Thai basil, lemon… I’m all for these unusual styles, as long as balance has been found. You could spray some of this onto crab meat. With water: gets even more eastern-oriental. Lemongrass and green pepper.

Finish: medium, with a rather perfect lemony/spicy side. Tangerines in the aftertaste.


> VINTAGE: 1991

> BOTTLED: 2015

> %ALC: 51.8%

> BOTTLER: Sansibar

> CASK: Bourbon Cask

> N. OF BOTTLES: 132


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