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KILCHOMAN 2021 Edition 70cl 50% Madeira Cask Matured

The Oloroso finish is in the nose as you have some fruity sweetness that makes the nose quite special! Nevertheless the Bourbon Barrel is the main influence therefore you have the typical salty smoke Islay vanilla peat nose :-)
Wow very nice taste that I need to formalize now: The taste is definitely topping the nose.. You have honey, sherry, cherry, herbs some honey, a lot of salt and smoke and pepper. Even for its young years it is quite complex as it changes tastes all the time :-)
A lot of herbs and sweet honey smokey barbecue sauce finish.


BOTTLED 2021 Edition

CL 70cl

%ALC 50%

BOTTLER Madeira Cask Matured

CASK limited Edition

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