KNOCKANDO 12yo 1966 1978 75cl 43% OB

Product code: WK0001

Color: straw yellow
Nose: Ultra-salty with predominantly "green" aromas of apples, pears, gooseberries, lime and fresh grass. 
Taste: Green, oily, fresh and full of mint and eucalyptus! Salt grains, cayenne pepper, a bit of chili and a bland note of sour cabbage. Then lemons, a little honey and sugar are added, and the spice rises dominantly.
Finish: Medium long - fresh and fruity, but also bland and dull at the same time. Tingling salt peps up the finish again. Slightly dry woody aromas and honeyed herbs remain on the palate.


> AGE: 12yo

> VINTAGE: 1966

> BOTTLED: 1978

> CL: 75cl

> %ALC: 43%


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