Distillery Opened Capacity Malting Floor Washback Type Number of Washback Number of Wash Stills Number of Spirit Stills
1821 3.6 million litres Dismissed Wood 11 3 3

Peter Brown founds the Linkwood distillery in 1821.
At the time whisky operations were not as legal and the built site only had two stills, one wash still and one spirit still.
Linkwood is formally operational from 1825 after whisky distillation is legalised.

Brown runs the Linkwood Distillery for more than 50 years and after his death his son inherits the distillery; he eventually demolishes the old building to make place for the new distillery to be.

The Linkwood Distillery sits in a quite setting overlooking the dam of the Linkwood burn, drawing its water from Millbuies spring to make a fine, smooth and complex whisky.

From the complete rebuilt in 1874 to 1932, Linkwood exist as an independent distiller.
In 1932 it joins the DCL stable and remains in production ever since; few upgrade take place and also a big refurbishment in 1962.
That year a big expansion takes place: the old part of the distillery, which stops producing in 1996, is equipped with worm tubs.
During 2011-2013, the distillery is expanded. The old distillery buildings facing Linkwood Road are demolished and a new extension of the current still house is built.
The only original building remaining 1872 left standing are warehouse No.6 and the kiln with pagoda roof.

  • 1821 Peter Brown founds the Linkwood Distillery
  • 1868 William Brown inherits the distillery after the death of his father
  • 1872 William Brown demolishes Linkwood Distillery and builds a new one
  • 1897 Linkwood Glenlivet Distillery Co. Ltd takes over operations
  • 1902 Innes Cameron, a whisky trader from Elgin, joins the board at Linkwood and eventually becomes the major shareholder and Director
  • 1932 Innes Cameron dies and in 1933 Scottish Malts Distillers takes over at Linkwood
  • 1962 A major refurbishment takes place at Linkwood
  • 1971 Stills are upped to 4, located in a distillery next to the first one
  • 1985 Linkwood (the original distillery) closes
  • 1990-1996 Linkwood is in production again
  • 2002 A 26 yo is launched as a Rare Malt
  • 2008 Three different wood finishes are released
  • 2013 Linkwood Distillery expands, including 2 more stills

Through the years, Linkwood Distillery has been expanded a few times.

Nowadays the set up of equipment at Linkwood is one 12.5 ton full lauter mash tun, 11 wooden washbacks and 3 pairs of stills.
The spirit still are larger than the wash still and Linkwood spirit still are filled low.
Total capacity is 3.6 million litres.

Linkwood's core products consist of:

  • 12 yo Flora & Fauna
  • 37 yo

Image source: Website