Distillery Opened Capacity Malting Floor Washback Type Number of Washback Number of Wash Stills Number of Spirit Stills
1967 4.8million litres / wood / stainless steel 10 3 3

The Clynelish name dates back to 1819 when the first distillery on the site is built.
This Distillery lasts until 1967 when a second distillery is opened and named Clynelish.

The old Clynelish Distillery was then re-named Brora: the whisky from this old plant (which closed in 1983) gained some sort of cult status and its official bottling can cost up to £1.500.

The remaining distillery has an important task in the Diageo emporium, which is named to produce single malt for Johnnie Walker blends.

Thanks to the importance of its single malt, Clynelish is also working on the expansion of its capacity, after putting the expanding plans on hold because of the decreasing sales of Scotch whisky.
The main Clynelish distillery has been refurbished between 2016 and 2017.

Clynelish Distillery is located on the East coast of Sutherland, north of Inverness. It has beautiful view of the North Sea and the hills to the north. Thanks to its waters, Clynelish produces a fruity, waxy, slightly smoky, sea-spicy single malt.

  • 1819 "Clynelish Distillery" is founded by The 1st Duke of Sutherland
  • 1827-1916 Several property change happen and the Clynelish Distillery escapes bankruptcy at the end
  • 1931 Clynelish Distillery is mothballed
  • 1939 Production restarts
  • 1960 Clynelish Distillery finally becomes electrified
  • 1967 A new distillery, also named Clynelish, is built next to the first one
  • 1968 "Old Clynelish" is mothballed and one year later it reopens as Brora
  • 1983 Brora is closed in March
  • 2002 A 14 yo is released
  • 2006 A Distiller's Edition 1991 finished in Oloroso casks is release
  • 2009 Clynelish releases a 12 yo for Friends of the Classic Malts
  • 2010 A 1997 Manager's Choice single cask is released
  • 2014 Clynelish Select Reserve is released
  • 2015 Second version of Clynelish Select Reserve is released

Clynelish distillery is equipped with a cast iron mash tun, with a beautiful copper canopy, but this will be replaced by one made on stainless steel.
Clynelish is also equipped with 8 wooden washbaks and 2 made of stainless steel.
The still room, which has a stunning view towards the village of Brora and the North Sea, hosts 3 pairs of stills.

When in full production, the capacity at Clynelish is up to 4.8 million litres of alcohol.

Clynelish core products consist of:

  • 14 yo
  • Distiller's Edition
  • American oak cask strength
  • Clynelish Select Reserve

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