Distillery Opened Capacity Malting Floor Washbacks Type Number of Washbacks Number of Wash Still Number of Spirit Still
1825 130.000 litres / Oregon Pine 2 2 2

Edradour is renowned as the smallest distillery in Scotland and considered one of the most peculiar. 

The history of Edradour Distillery dates back to 1825 when a cooperative of farmers found a distillery originally called Glenforres.

It's 1837 when the farmers Cooperative becomes official tenant of the Distillery and Edradour is mentioned for the first time: Edradour - "The land between two rivers".

In 1841 the Edradour farmers form John McGlashan and Co.

From 1884 to 1846 John McIntosh & Co. acquires Edradour and the distillery begins to thrive.

In 1933 there is another change in the property tenants, when William Whiteley & Co. buys the distillery; in 1982 Campbell Distilleries (Pernod Ricard) buys Edradour Distillery and builds a Visitor Center, which is nowadays offers tours and a shop.

1986 is the first year that a single malt is released at Edradour Distillery.

In 2002, after 15 years as an independent bottler, Andrew Symington buys Edradour Distillery, after few attempts to buy distilleries like Scapa, Glenturret and Ardberg.
After buying Edradour Distillery, Symington from Signatory, expands production range with a 10yo and a 13 yo cask strength.

The success of the distillery has been so big that there are plan to build a second one with two new stills.
Edradour is a very busy place, also because this distillery is among the most picturesque in Scotland.

  • 1825 Originally called Glenforres, the distillery is founded by a cooperative of farmers in Perthshire
  • 1837 Edradour is mentioned for the first time
  • 1841 The farmers form a propietary company: John MacGlahan & Co.
  • 1886 John MacIntosh & Co. acquires Edradour
  • 1933 William Whiteley & Co. buys the Edradour Distillery
  • 1982 Campbell Distilleries (Pernod Ricard) buys Edradour and builds a visitor center in the distillery
  • 1986 First Edradour single malt is released
  • 2002 Edradour is bought by Andrew Symington for £5.4 million
  • 2003 Edradour releases a 30yo and a 10yo
  • 2007 The first bottling of peated Ballechin is released by Edradour
  • 2009 Fourth edition of Ballechin (Oloroso) is released
  • 2013 Edradour Distillery releases Ballechin Sauternes
  • 2015 Edradour Fairy Flag is released

Edradour Distillery is equipped with an open and traditional cast iron mash tun with a mash size of 1.15 tonnes.
Edradour has 2 Oregon Pine Washbacks and 2 stills, both connected to a more than 100 years old wormtub.
Edradour Distillery total capacity is up to 130.000 litres, of which 26.000 are heavily peated.

Balblair core range consist of:

  • 10yo
  • 12yo Caledonia Selection
  • Cask Strength Sherry 14yo
  • Cask Strength Bourbon 12 yo
  • Fairy Flag
  • Straight from the Cask (SFTC)
  • 15yo
  • 2006 Sauteren Cask
  • 2003 Old Vintage
  • 22 yo Sauterner finish
  • Ballechin 10yo

Image source: Edradour Official Website