Distillery Opened Capacity Malting Floor Washback Type Number of Washbacks Number of Wash Stills Number of Spirit Stills
1844 / / / / 1 1

James Sutherland, who was Mayor of the city of Inverness at the time, founded Glen Albyn distillery in 1844.

The location of the Glen Albyn distillery was ideal at the very eastern locks of the Caledonian Canal. The surrounding area supplied most of the malted barley used in the Highland and Island distilleries, so Glen Albyn had easy access to plenty of raw materials.

Glen Albyn distillery distilled until a devastating fire in November 1849 forced its closure.

Up and running again in 1850, the Glen Albyn distillery fell silent within its first decade; by 1866, the site had been transformed into a flour mill. 

Glen Albyn Distillery’s life was renewed in 1884 when it was purchase and rebuilt by Grigor & Co.

The Glen Albyn distillery fell silent again between 1917 and 1919, when it was used as a US Naval base for the production of sea mines and submarine nets.

In 1920 the Glen Albyn distillery was purchased by the Mackinlays & Birnie Company, who continued to run the Glen Albyn distillery until it was purchased by Distillers Company Limited in 1972.

In 1983, along with a host of other distilleries, Glen Albyn distillery was mothballed and eventually demolished and developed into a grocery store.

1844 Glen Albyn distillery is founded on the site of an old mill.
1847 The distillery is licensed to James Sutherland, provost of Invrness.
1866 After laying idle, the distillery is transformed into a flour mill.
1884 The mill is converted back into a distillery by Grigor & Co.
1891 The distillery ownership is transferred to GlenAlbyn distillery Co.
1917 The distillery is used as a US naval base for mine manufacturing.
1920 Glen Albyn is acquired by Mackinlays & Birnie, which operates the adjacent Glen Mhor distillery.
1954 Saladin boxes are installed to replace the floor maltings.
1972 DCL buys out Mackinlays & Birnie, assuming control of Glen Albyn and Glen Mhor.
1983 Glen Albyn is closed.
Glen Albyn distillery was a relatively small distillery, with only one wash still and one spirit still. Unfortunately, the production capacity of the Glen Albyn distillery is unknown.

Glen Albyn distillery has been released as a Rare Malt by the owners on one occasion. In 2010, Signatory released a 29 year old and in 2012 a 1976 was bottled by Gordon MacPhail. There are also some excellent old official 10 year old bottlings of Glen Albyn from the 1970s and 1960s.

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