Distillery Opened Capacity Malting Floor Washback Type Number of Washbacks Number of Wash Stills Number of Spirit Stills
1967 4 million litres yes Milld Steel 6 2 2
The Glenallachie distillery was founded in 1967 by  Mackinlay, and the Glenallachie distillery was a working distillery without pagoda roof and visitor center, and build in the typical efficient style of 1960s.

The Glenallachie distillery is located in the middle of Speyside with the town of Aberlour being situated to the north and with the Benrinnes mountain in the south. 

For the production of his whisky the Glenallachie distillery uses the water which comes from Beachshach Burn and the Glenallachie distillery uses the malts which come from industrial source in Bamffshire.

The  Glenallachie distillery has sixteen warehouses and they uses  ex-Bourbon and few Olorosso casks.
In fact the whisky of  Glenallachie distillery until 1970s bottling have resinous fruity aromas, moreover the next bottlings has nutty and malty aromas.

 Glenallachie distillery has a visitor center and the  Glenallachie distillery offers several tours in order to the visitors could find the right one for them.
  • 1967 The  Glenallachie distillery was founded by Mackinlay, McPherson & Co. a subsidiary of Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd. William Delmè Evans was the architect.
  • 1985 Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd sold Charles Mackinlay Ltd to Invergordon Distillers which acquires both Glenallachie and Isle of Jura.
  • 1987  The  Glenallachie distillery was decommissioned.
  • 1989 Campbell Distillers bought the Glenallachie distillery increasing the number of stills and takes up production again
  • 2005 The first official bottling of  Glenallachie distillery for many year was a cask strength edition from 1989
  • 2017  Billy Walker, Trisha Savage and Graham Stevenson bought the  Glenallachie distillery and form The  Glenallachie Distillers Co. Ltd.

The  Glenallachie distillery is equipped with 9.4 ton semi-lauder mash tunsix washbacks made of mild steel, but lined with stainless steel, plus another two wash backs which have been bought from Caperdonich and  two pairs of  stills.

The stills of  Glenallachie distillery are large with a round shape and have a spherical lid, moreover they have a narrow neck. 

The  Glenallachie distillery range consist of:
  • Casks strength from 2000
  • 10yo
  • 12yo
  • 18yo
  • 25yo

Image source: official Glenallachie website