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STRATHSPEY Malt bot 60/70's 26 2/3 Fl. Ozs 70 proof

A bottle of Strathspey Malt Highland Scotch whisky, distilled, aged and bottled by D Cameron & Co. Ltd. We estimate this was bottled in the late 1970s.
The back label carries a description in both Gaelic and English:
From the broad valleys of the river Spey comes the water of life, of gentleness growing old in oaken casks through seasons of gentle breezes scented with the mists and dews of Scotland, the blenders will mix together the noble malts, Gaelic and excellent, marrying them into a drink that is pleasant and palatable, drink it by itself, or with a drop of water, choose a relaxed moment free from the cares of the world - and of women.


BOTTLED bot 60/70's

CL 26 2/3 Fl. Ozs

%ALC 70 proof

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