Distillery Opened Capacity Malting Floor Washback Type Number of Washbacks Number of Wash Stills Number of Spirit Stills
1897 2.2 million litres Dismissed in 1968 Wood 6 1 1

The Dalwhinnie distillery is one of the highest in Scotland with its 326 meters above sea level, the position and the rigid temperatures of the Dalwhinnie distillery have made built near it a meteorological site since 1973.

The Dalwhinnie distillery was founded in 1897 by John Grant, George Sellar and Alexander Mackenzie. Charles Doig designed the distillery that took the name of Strathspey at the beginning.

Its story does not start in the best way, since one year later, in 1898 the distillery goes into financial problems, so John Somerville & Co and AP Blyth & Sons took control of it and changed the name to Dalwhinnie.

Even the new owners had no luck and in 1905 they decide to sell the Dalwhinnie distillery at an auction, Cook & Bernheimer buys it for £ 1.250, so Dalwhinnie becomes the first distillery to be controlled by a foreign company.

the distillery will change ownership 2 more times in 1919, and in 1926 when the DCL becomes the owner, today the Diageo.

In 1934, a fire destroyed the majority of the Dalwhinnie distillery and was closed for four years.

From 1940 the Dalwhinnie distillery produces whisky, it had a few stops due to the restructuring of the distillery in 1986 and 1992.

  • 1897 John Grant, George Sellar and Alexander Mackenzie commence building the facilities. The first name is Strathspey.
  • 1898 The owner encounters financial troubles and John Somerville & Co and A P Blyth & Sons take over and change the name to Dalwhinnie.
  • 1905 Cook & Bernheimer in New York, buys Dalwhinnie for £1,250 at an auction. The administration of Dalwhinnie is placed in the newly formed company James Munro & Sons.
  • 1919 Macdonald Greenlees & Williams Ltd headed by Sir James Calder buys Dalwhinnie.
  • 1926 Macdonald Greenlees & Williams Ltd is bought by Distillers Company Ltd (DCL) which licences Dalwhinnie to James Buchanan & Co.
  • 1930 Operations are transferred to Scottish Malt Distilleries (SMD).
  • 1934 The distillery is closed after a fire in February.
  • 1938 The distillery opens again.
  • 1968 The maltings is decommissioned.
  • 1987 Dalwhinnie 15 years becomes one of the selected six in United Distillers Classic Malts.
  • 1991 A visitor centre is constructed.
  • 1992 The distillery closes and goes through a major refurbishment costing £3.2 million.
  • 1995 The distillery opens in March.
  • 2002 A 36 year old is released.
  • 2006 A 20 year old is released.
  • 2010 A Manager's Choice 1992 is released.
  • 2012 A 25 year old is released.
  • 2014 A triple matured bottling without age statement is released for The Friends of the Classic Malts.
  • 2015 Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold and a 25 year old are released.
  • 2016 A distillery exclusive without age statement is released.

Dalwhinnie distillery is equipped with a 7.3 ton full lauter mash tun and six wooden washbacks with the fermentation split into four short sessions at 60 hours and six long, fermenting over the weekend, at 110 hours.

The core range of Dalwhinnie distillery consist of:

  • 15 year old
  • Distiller's Edition
  • Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold

Image source: Dalwhinnie official Website & Twitter