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GLENFIDDICH 8yo Bot.80's 100cl 43% OB

Nose: vanilla, green fruits and some oak. The alcohol is present as a fresh note, which mixes but especially with the tannins of the oak. Particularly noteworthy here, but the strong vanillin, which does not want to soft anymore. After a few minutes in the glass, the oak is a little more present, floral.

Taste: at first very smooth, he becomes stronger after a few moments on the tongue. The nose continues here almost, only the vanilla note withdraws somewhat, whereas the green fruits become somewhat stronger. Here, too, a bit more floral than in the nose, the oak but also here discreetly in the background. A little acid, like a light white wine.

Finish: short to medium. The fruits fade quite fast, then minimal oak. Interesting here at the end of a note of menthol or something similar, which feels for a "fresh breath - effect" provides. That's something new at the point and spice up the whole thing clearly.


AGE 8yo

BOTTLED Bot.80's

CL 100cl

%ALC 43%


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